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Cryotherapy treatment in bangalore|cryo surgery - Cryopreservation of spermatozoa is an important part of the work of many semen analysis laboratories, particularly those associated with infertility clinics.

Cryopreservation/Cryofreezing is a process, which maintains cellular life for an extended period of time at low subzero temperatures.the main aim of cryofreezing is to reduce the cell membrane damage associated with exposure to low temperatures, regulate cell volume during the procedure , and prevent lethal intracellular ice crystal formation. This can be achieved by using protocols with different cryoprotectants and freezing procedures. Semen parameters should be thoroughly assessed using W.H.O criterion. If sample is satisfactory with good count and motility, sample is frozen with an aim to use it in future.

Reasons for cryopreservation of spermatozoa

  • Freezing of fertile healthy men that may be used to inseminate women by donor insemination when donor has been documented to be free of any infective illness and commonly transmitted diseases. Donor sample can be used for men with no live sperms for IUI, ICSI, IVF, women who plan to conceive but has no partner etc.,
  • Storage of sperms with men who are at risk of losing their infertility and wish to freeze their sample that they could use subsequently should they wish to achieve fatherhood.
  • Men working in particular hazardous occupation who get exposed to various chemicals, radiation/mutagenic toxins, men who are in military forces are few of the examples.
  • Men who are travelling, working on ship may also bank their sample and used for their partner when required.
  • Autologous Cryopreservation facilities are also offered when male partner has to undergo chemotherapy or radiotherapy for genital malignancy which will advcersely affect his reproductive potential
  • Men undergoing vasectomy, if required to use it in future.

The duration of Cryofreezing is decided by the patient based on the need for freezing.


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