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urinary tract malignancy


Urinary tract Cancers are common, and comprise of a large variety of lesions, ranging from slow growing tumors to aggressive neoplasms with high mortality. The predominant symptom of the cancers of urinary tract is painless hematuria. Ofcourse, there are many causes for hematuria, but malignancies must be kept as differential diagnosis, until proven otherwise.

Some of the common cancers of urinary tract are bladder cancer, renal cell carcinoma, prostate cancer, penile cancer and testicular cancers.
The clinical challenge is early detection and adequate follow-up. Delayed diagnosis is associated with poor prognosis. Primary physicians form a key part of the management apparatus for these patients, and may be responsible for ensuring early diagnosis, appropriate treatment, and surveillance for recurrences.
Evaluation of urinary tract malignancies may include clinical examination, and some of the investigations such as urine routine, ultrasound, CT scan, and in some cases endoscopic evaluation (Cystoscopy).

Treatment at early stages usually can be curative. Mostly, it includes one or staged surgical procedures. If diagnosed late, chemotherapy and radiotherapy may also be advised.


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