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Evaluation is integral part of patient investigation and is considered as the 6th modality of patient assessment. This is also popularly known as the 6th sense of a physician.

Dr Joshi’s takes pride in having a state-of-the-art facility for Ultrasound Scanning. In Dr Joshi’s, if a patient is examined and ultrasound scanning is required, it can be undertaken almost immediately. In certain cases, if a deeper investigation is warranted, and a specialized evaluation is necessary, then it will be taken up with prior appointment, based on the patient’s convenience.


Dr. Joshi’s has a team of two & three consultants available at different times of the day thereby giving flexibility for patients, ensuring wide coverage to suit the patient’s needs. The Consultants are highly qualified, having more than a decade providing accurate and reliable reports. The evaluation enables to decide whether the patient requires surgical intervention or can be managed medically.

Specialized ultrasound scans like Penile Doppler, Scrotal Doppler although sound simple in names and are done in many places. Yet, they do not provide adequate information that can help in taking next steps.

Our team of Experts provide clinical inputs to understand patient’s condition and ensuring that comprehensive care is given.


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