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Laboratory Services


We provide a full-services lab at Dr. Joshi’s, with high-quality investigations and diagnosis to address issues of andrology.

Some of the key services include:

Andrology Laboratory

  • We do advanced semen analysis
  • Detailed information on concentration motility, morphology and HOS (Hypo-osmotic Swelling)
  • DNA Fragmentation Index – check the integrity of the sperm DNA
  • Cryofreeze semen sample and process semen sample for IUI

Diagnostic Lab for Blood

  • All types of blood tests
  • Hormone serology
  • NABL accredited
  • Blood Collection / Diagnostic Centre
  • Blood sample collected and sent to main lab for testing


Joshi's Centre - Sahakara Nagar

Mon - Sat

9:30 AM - 8:00 PM