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Prostate issues

Prostrate issues

As one ages, the prostate gland tends to grow, and may compress the urethra, resulting in pain or discomfort while passing urine. Recent studies has proven that men in the age groups of over 30 years are having similar urinary symptoms, and are in need of medical attention. For others, symptoms aren't noticed until 50 plus years. A simple infection or a tumor can also enlarge the prostate creating discomfort and pain. It is always recommended to inform your doctor any of the urinary symptoms listed below.

Inform your Doctor if you are have any of these issues;

  • Burning sensation when you pass urine
  • Poor flow is less
  • Waking up many times to pass urine during the night
  • Passing urine more frequently during the day
  • Feeling of urgency

As one ages, risk of prostate issues also increases. The most common prostate issues are  Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (enlarged prostate), Prostatitis(inflammation of prostrate gland that could be due an infection),and Cancer of the Prostate. One or more complications can occur together. Prostatitis is common among men above the age of 45 Years. It doesn’t increase the risk of prostate cancer.

Common Symptoms of Prostatitis are;

  • Unusual perinal pain in the groin area, lower belly or behind the scrotum
  • Sense of urgency
  • Increse frequency with small volume void
  • Difficulty in passing urine
  • High fever with body Chills
  • Painful urination / burning urination
  • low back ache
  • Rectal pain or pressure
  • Loss of desire in sex or facing sexual issues
  • Urethral discharge during defecation
  • Throbbing of the genital or rectal area
  • Painful ejaculation

Thorough diagnosis and investigations are required to check if a person has Prostatitis. A Urine test, Digital Rectal Examination which is least invasive technology is recommended to analyse the condition.

It is best to consult a professional Andrologist (Men’s Health Specialist) when you experience any pain or experience symptoms listed above.

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