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Men's Health – What every man needs to know


Men’s Health

What does it mean by men’s health?

"A male health issue is one arising from physiological, psychological, social or environmental factors which have a specific impact on boys or men and/or where particular interventions are required for boys or men in order to achieve improvements in health and well-being at either the individual or the population level"

Why is it important to know about men’s health?

  • Historically Men’s Health has not been given its due importance
  • Men don’t seek medical help as much as women
  • So Men are less likely to be aware of underlying diseases

What are the problems a good Men’s Health centre should manage?

Why is metabolic syndrome important for men’s health?

Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is three times more common in Diabetics compared to Non-Diabetics

Erectile dysfunction is much more common than retinopathy and nephropathy.

Erectile dysfunction may be first symptom in 12% of Diabetics

Hypertension and Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction in hypertensive patients is two times more common

Dyslipidemia and Erectile dysfunction

It has been found that there is an Improvement in Erections after lowering LDL cholesterol

Metabolic Syndrome is also associated with low Testosterone levels and Low Te levels are associated with two times increased cardiovascular risk. Low Te increases insulin resistance and worsens DM, and thus the vicious cycle.

Cardiovascular risks and men’s health

Prevalence of silent coronary artery disease in patients with ED is ranged between 8% and 56%. Erectile dysfunction has been independently associated with Cardiovascular Disease.

Relative risk of Cardiovascular Disease is higher among younger patients with Erectile dysfunction, and risk decreasing linearly as age in years increased. Improvement of Testosterone levels by TRT has shown reduction in the mortality by 50%.


One in 6 men will sustain a hip fracture by age 90, and risk of death from complications of a hip fracture is 34%

Treatment includes making healthy lifestyle changes, including getting 1000 mg to 1200 mg of calcium daily

Vitamin D3 should be above 30ng/ml

Use bone forming agents, if Bone mineral Density is -2.5.

Take home message

  • Cardio-metabolic risk assessment is crucial aspect of Men’s Health evaluation
  • Lifestyle modification is one of the fundamental pillars of treatment
  • Collaboration with other disciplines is inseparable part of Men’s Health management
  • Multi-disciplinary and holistic approach is very important
  • Irrespective of age, Males should Consult a professional Andrologist, if they are any symptoms. Don’t neglect of feel shy to share with family members/friends, as they could assist/direct you to the right medical professional


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