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Urinary Tract Infection


Urinary tract infection is defined as infection of urinary system from kidneys to urethra. Usually UTIs are more common in women. The possible reasons for the same are hypothesized to be – shorter urethra, vaginal bacterial colonization and altered pressure on the urethra following an intercourse.

UTI is taken as simple or complicated. First episode UTI of the lower urinary tract in a lady can be simple. Whereas UTI in a male is considered as complicated. If the patient has underlying causes that could precipitate infection then it is categorized as complicated UTI.

Evaluation of the UTI depends on the clinical scenario. However basic evaluation will remain same for all UTIs name urine analysis and culture. In selective cases complete blood count, renal function tests, ultrasound abdomen and or CT scan. Some other tests are done based on clinical condition as per the need for evaluation.

Management of UTI will usually include antibiotics, urinary analgesics and urinary alkalinisers. However interventional management may be needed if there is any additional complication.


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